How to hand make candle holders

Candles can always be reminiscent of warmth, romance, friend’s birthday party, class party, parents wedding anniversary … … always a candle, of course, if coupled with chic candlestick can be more perfect!

The following is the practice of candle holder:


1. Cut the candle into pieces.
2. Pour the candle pieces into the cans and melt them into the heated water.
3. After melting the candied liquid, you can pour into the ready-made containers with cotton thread.

Egg shells:
Oval-shaped eggshell naturally lovely, the wax liquid into the eggshell, can be made of egg-shaped candles. Egg box liquid can be good use, with color paper or newspaper paste, you can as a stand.


Shell Candlestick:
Natural shells, poured into the blue wax solution, exudes the taste of the sea.


Egg candlestick:
Egg tower, the children must love to eat it! After eating the remaining aluminum foil tray can not still yo! The wax liquid into the aluminum foil tray, can be made full of metallic luster candlestick.







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